Barefoot OntheRun™ – Now You Can Wear the Best Anti-Fatique Footwear

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Mechanical Properties Superior to Foam Insoles

Barefoot® OnTheRun™ makes hard concrete feel like soft earth. Now you can wear Barefoot’s patented and award-winning comfort, proven to improve health and productivity by reducing fatigue and MSD’s in all dry work areas. It’s like a good ergonomic chair – for those who stand.

Light-Weight Effective Good Looking Footwear

Barefoot OntheRun for sneakers

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Warehousing · Assembly · Standing Desks · Retail · Security · Postal · Aircraft

Barefoot OnTheRun on sneaker
Barefoot OnTheRun on boots
Designed for Shoes and Boots
Barefoot anti-fatigue ergonomic flooring

About Barefoot Anti-fatigue Flooring

Could a simple floor mat receive US Patents for Safety and Ergonomics, while winning the Industrial Design Excellence Award? Barefoot did. But Barefoot is no simple mat. Barefoot ergonomic matting has achieved all of that, and much more. But Barefoot is no simple floor mat. It is the most achieved product in the industry. Proven in university testing, Barefoot ergo mats will easily compare itself against all of THE COMPETITION.